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Can you tell me again about The Playroom Experiment and its connection to Gamerlympics?

The Playroom Experiment is a social impact program designed to empower the community of Dorchester through gaming.

GAMERLYMPICS is a day-long pledge drive 
and live broadcast event supporting this initiative. It will now serve as an annual fundraising event because we need to invest heavily in this program. All four schools in Dorchester now participate.

On Saturday, May 11th, at least 32 students will band arms by competing in friendly gaming challenges on eight different teams.

Who is the venue host, and how will the day unfold?

We are grateful to the Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 513 for offering their facilities for the event. The venue is located near Highway 401 at 1225 Donnybrook Drive.

Participants must arrive at 9:00 am to provide enough time for our production team to go live on YouTube,  and for the competition to begin at 10:00 am. It will be an 8-hour live stream, and the events will continue throughout the day.


A quiet space in the downstairs area will be available only to participants and volunteers.

Is there a game schedule?

Yes, the gaming schedule for the competition is in place. During the 8-hour event, pinball, video, and board games will run simultaneously.


Players will be assigned to a group for the day and attempt to earn team points from the games they play against other teams.

What exactly is expected of me as a participant?

The list below outlines, in short, what is expected of a Gamerlympics participant:

1 - Get signed up. You can use our online link or 

2 - Cover the $20 cost of your team jersey. This fee is due immediately upon registering and must be paid in cash at your school. Stay tuned for more information on this step.

3 - Attend the orientation day at our Flight Exec Centre gaming headquarters. This is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. It will be an opportunity for all players and their respective teams to meet and learn the games we are using.

4 - Help us to spread the word about our fundraising drive for the event. A short video will be produced for players to share at their comfort level.

What is the end goal for Gamerlympics?

We want Gamerlympics to become, first and foremost, a wonderfully fun day for the students who help make The Playroom Experiment better. It is a platform for young people to show that a social gaming opportunity like this is important to them personally and beneficial for their well-being.

What it all adds up to is the empowerment of our community through gaming and allowing all of us to strengthen the connections we make with others.

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